This day marked the first anniversary of the death of Gov Patrick Yakowa of kaduna state in Bayelsa state,he died in an helicopter crash in company of Gen Andrew Awoye Azazi,who was the National security adviser to the President of the federal republic of Nigeria.The circumstances surrounding the helicopter crash that killed these two prominent Nigerians has elicited questions that must be answered. Gen Azazi had previously accussed the PDP as been the real boko haram that is holding Nigeria hostage,after making that revelations he was relieved of his post and he became a target.Gov Yakowa was a target for elimination right from onset.because the hausa/fulani’s born to rule indoctrination felt it, as a misnormer for a christian from southern kaduna to be the Governor of the state.Kaduna state was to some extent made ungovernable for Gov Yakowa.The death of these two prominent Nigerians can not be mere accident,it was an orchestrated plots by some mafiaso that was clinically executed.In civilised climes where govt respect the lives of its citizens investigations must have unravelled the identities of the culprits & they, brought to justice.The Goverment of President Goodluck must investigate & bring to justice the killers of these two Nigerians for posterity.